D101-103: Emerald Bay Marina (2/9-2/11/2020)

We finally decided to turn the corner on our journey and start heading north. We had not gone to a marina to stay or get fuel since we were in Nassau for Christmas, so we planned to leave Georgetown and treat ourselves to a marina visit and a fuel refill at Emerald Bay Marina north of George Town.

After leaving Elizabeth Harbor, we had a really nice sail from Simons Point in Conch Cay Cut to Emerald Bay entrance, mostly on a broad reach with waves about 5-6 feet. The entrance to Emerald Bay was easy and much shorter than I expected.

We took on 55.13 gallons of diesel at $4.87 per gallon for a total of $268.46. Not your typical Hampton Roads prices.  The trip from George Town to Emerald Bay is really quite short, so next time if I need fuel, I will just run up here for the day.  Fortunately, we really never felt low on fuel.  

After getting settled in our slip, we explored the area and had lunch at Palapa's. Very nice setting with great food. Definitely a resort. We stayed a total of two nights and did some hiking around the property.

We learned that the land in front of the marina was the site of the infamous Fyre Festival, where a large number of people were flown in for a big concert and party that never happened. You can watch a very interesting documentary on the event on Netflix. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fyre_(film).

On Tuesday, 2/11/2020, we left Emerald Bay around 07:22 am and headed for Lee Stocking. We left early to get a "highish" tide leaving Emerald Bay and to still have a rising tide when entering Adderly Cut.

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