D105: Rudder Cut Cay (2/13/2020)

On Thursday 2/13/2020, we took another short sail outside, leaving Adderly Cut around 9:20 am and entering Rudder Cut about 11:30 am. From Adderly, we turned north (about 333 degrees) and sailed on a broad reach at about 4.9-5.5 knots. We dropped anchor behind Rudder Cut Cay at 1205.

Track: Lee Socking to Rudder Cay Cut

The location has some beautiful rock formations and caves. Again the waves and wind were too much, so snorkeling was a challenge. We did explore with the dinghy and decided to try snorkeling the next day. Back at the boat, I made water again and charged some batteries. As usual, we were treated to a glorious afternoon and a fantastic sunset.

On Friday, we originally planned to get serious about snorkeling, but at the first dive site, we found a rather unnatural underwater phenomenon. Just below the dinghy mooring, you could dive on a sculpture of a mermaid playing the piano. I had read about this, but forgot that it was here. Not what I was looking for. Seems that all the good dive sites were a long dinghy ride away, but the waves, current and wind were still a challenge. So, we decided to move on, leaving around 11:30 am.

I had assumed that we would go outside again to move north, but I saw several monohulls coming south through the back route. We had a relatively high tide, so I decided to give it a go on the inside. I don't think I followed the right path, because we came very close to the bottom several times. I made it to Cave Cay without running aground, but it was close. Not sure I will try that again unless I get some guidance from someone who knows the way.

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