D106: Cave Cay (2/14/2020)

After feeling our way north on the back side from Rudder Cut Cay, we came to Cave Cay, which we decided to skip. I had read about some anchorages behind Big Galliot Cay and another just south of Big Farmers Cay, which I was heading for. As we approached, Cathy realized that I planned to anchor behind a series of rocks. The wind was blowing rather hard from the east and she rejected my idea. So, we turned south and tried to anchor behind Big Galliot Cay.

A few other boats were already there. I put down the anchor and the current immediately pulled us in toward the closest boat to us. The current was stronger than the effects of the wind, so it was hard to anticipate where we would end up. I immediately pulled the anchor back up and noticed how all the other boats were bouncing around. "We are not staying here".

So, we turned back south to Cave Cay and anchored up close to the cay on the western side. When the anchor was set and we turned off the motor, we heard the roar of the Cave Cay Marina's huge generator. I had not noticed it until then. We were pretty warn out by then, so we decided to live with the sound. Otherwise, it was a nice anchorage. We did not go ashore here.

Sorry.  No photos worth showing.  

Banks-side Track to Cave Cay

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