D107: Little Farmers Cay - 2/15/2020

Although we had stopped at Little Farmers Cay on the way south, we decided to try it again. I had heard that the yacht club was now open and wanted to try it out. We left Cave Cay about 09:20 and headed out Galliot Cut, which had a strong incoming current of 3-4 knots and a SE wind of about 7-10 knots. Once clearing the cut, we turned north and sailed the entire way to Farmers Cut.

At 10:40 am, we picked up a mooring again at the Farmers Cay Yacht Cub, which is at the north east end of Little Farmers Cay. In this location, I recommend the mooring because the location is beautiful but the currents are strong and the bottom is full of coral, which we did not want to damage.

After taking a mooring, we dinghied over to the yacht club and met the owner, Roosevelt Nixon, who comes from a long line of Nixon's that were owners of the cay. His great, great, great, grandfather was a loyalist. He calls himself the president, obviously due to his name. We arranged to have lunch later and took a ride over to town, with hopes of reprovisioning. The market in the village did not have much and the supply boat had not been there recently. The lady at the market was extremely nice, so we bought at least a few items.

On the way into Little Harbor where the town is located, we passed several sizes of green turtles. The entire harbor is protected and the turtles seem to thrive there, especially when the currents are strong out in the cut. If you stop here, be sure to go check them out.

After a quick stop at the boat, we went back over to the yacht club and had lunch, served by Mr. Nixon. This included a cold Kalik, of course. Some other cruisers stopped in and we spent some time talking and then listening to stories from Roosevelt Nixon.

Overall, I like this place. There are some nice spots for snorkeling even near the yacht club. I dove under the docks and found huge schools of fish and a few turtles. Very cool. The better diving was over in the cut, which was flowing a bit too fast with strong winds, so I will try that some other day.

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