D11: Wappoo Ashepoo and Coosaw 11/5/2019

To go south on the ICW  from Charleston, you have to pass through Wappoo Creek (Elliots Cut) and the Wappoo Creek lift bridge.  Due to traffic hours, the first opening for the day is at 0930, so we left Charleston City Marina at 0848.  It was a short distance so we had to wait with several other boats until the opening.  After that, we made good time and pulled ahead of all the other boats except another Beneteau from Norfolk called Imagine II.  I did not talk with them.  

The known trouble spots are Watts Cut and the Ashepoo-Coosaw Cut due to low water at low tide.  Our timing was fortuitous, because we had a favorable current in Elliots Cut.  After the Wappoo Bridge, we passed through at 3/4 high tide at Watts Cut and high tide at Ashepoo-Coosaw Cut. In other words we had no problems at all in the cuts.  Still worth paying attention to, but the shallowest water depths we saw were 12 feet.

Originally, I had planned to cut the trip in half which would leave me on the other side of those two cuts, but given the tide timing, we pushed through both and started looking for a place to anchor.  

The winds were light and forecasted to stay light, so we finally just wore out and dropped the anchor in the Coosaw River in a rather wide spot.  We were hiding just south of Bull Pt near Coosaw #189.  We anchored in 15 feet of water at high tide.  By morning we had 10 feet.  

We had a beautiful evening with very little wind all night.               

Track from Charleston to Coosaw River

Anchored in the Coosaw. La Zucharina in the distance

Clear skies

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