D115: Big Major - 2/23/2020-2/24/2020

On Sunday, 2/32/2020 after a bouncy night on anchor in Staniel Cay, we finalized our decision to move over to Big Major and try that out for a night.  We hit the grocery store one last time and dropped off some trash.  I also stopped for some gasoline at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club fuel dock.  The dock is extremely tall.  I pulled up in the dinghy and the fuel tender just lowered the hose down to my dinghy about 20 feet so I could fill my tanks in the dinghy.  Very cool.  I did have to climb up the ladder to pay.  

As I was pulling up the anchor, I hit a snag when I knew I had at least another 40 feet of chain out.  I figured out that the chain was wrapped or snagged on a rock.  I instructed Cathy to swing the boat around to the port side and then forward.  I chose well.  The wrap came off and I could once again continue to pull up the anchor.  I was starting to have visions of having to dive on the anchor, but I was given a pass today.  

The Big Major anchorage is huge with plenty of room for boats to anchor in just about any depth you want.  We inched our way into the crowd and moved as close as we wanted to the beach.  This is a popular anchorage with access to pigs on the beach.  Cathy and I are not so enamored with swimming pigs, so we skipped that experience today. 

The holding is good here with protection from all sides except westerly winds (SW, W, NW).  Probably the biggest down side in my mind is the dinghy distance to supplies at Staniel.  Otherwise, very nice and comfortable.  

Big Major

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