D12: Arrived at Beaufort, SC 11/6/2019

We woke up early as usual in the Coosaw River, but took our time with a leisurely breakfast.  We were only about an hour and a half motoring from Beaufort, so we waited to avoid arriving before our slip was available.  We pulled up the anchor at 0915 and noticed that the GPS was really behaving badly - rebooting and locking up.  

I tried turning off the extra Raymarine E95 unit that serves as a slave to the Raymarine E125, because it seemed to be locked completely.  Once that was turned off, things started behaving better.  But, many of the marks on the charts did not have mark icons.  Instead we just saw the marker number floating on the page.  I suspected that was a Navionics issue and not related to the Raymarine issue.  

As we turned off the Coosaw and into Brickyard Creek, we bumped the bottom before marker 210 near Brickyard Pt.  We were at low tide, so not surprising.  Several mariners had already mentioned it in the Active Captain comments, but I had not noticed that before I headed in.  

We missed the 10:30 opening of the Ladies Island Bridge, so had to wait for the 1100 opening.  That worked out because it gave the marina time to figure out where they wanted to put us.  The marina was just on the other side of the bridge.  

We arrived at the marina at 1105.  

We took a short exploratory trip into town and it was full of tourists from a tour bus.  We did determine that we would need to get an Uber and go for groceries the next day.  

Went to dinner at a rather understated establishment called the Old Bull Tavern, which was recommended by an old Duke friend Rick Toomey.  The food was great and the atmosphere was busy but neighborly.  I think this is the local hangout.  Cathy and I both decided to have our own brick oven pizzas.   Leftovers for two more lunches.  

Short track to Beaufort, SC

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