D125: Nassau to Great Harbor Cay - 3/4/2020

We left Nassau about 7:00 am and had to dodge 2 cruise ships on the way out of the harbor.  We made good time out of Nassau, but as we approached the Berry Islands we suddenly picked up a 1 knot current against us.  We had considered stopping in some of the anchorages in the Berry's, but another front was approaching and none would give us enough protection from the west or put us in a position to get to Lucaya before the big storm arrived.  So we pushed on to Great Harbor.   We were anchored by 3:35 pm.  

See track below.  

I wanted to distinguish the Great Harbor Anchorage from the location of Great Harbor Marina.  As you can see at the bottom right in the chart below, Great Harbor Marina is on the western side of Great Harbor Cay south of Bullocks Harbor Cay, which would require us to have sailed all the way around the north end of LIttle Stirrup Cay and back south again.  This would have been nice, but would have chewed up too much time.  

Instead we entered the anchorage by turning west between Great Stirrup Cay and Great Harbor Cay and pulled up behind Goat Cay.  This gave us reasonable protection from the west.  Over night we did experience a little swell coming around Goat Cay and Lignumvitae.  Not sure why.  

Overall, not a great anchorage, but certainly worked as a one-night stopover.  

Great Harbor Anchorage

Anchor behind Goat Cay

Great Harbor Scenary

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