D13-14: Visiting Beaufort, SC 11/7-8/2019

Decided to spend two days in Beaufort because of predicted storms and because Beaufort is so nice.  On Thursday we took our own walking tour of the old homes.  They are really interesting.  

In addition, I performed a more systematic diagnosis of our GPS problems because we did not want to head offshore again with a flaky GPS plotter.  I completely shut down the slave unit down below, then turned everything else on such as they radar, nav lights, radio, AIS, and autopilot.  Everything works fine.  I left the instruments, AIS, radar and GPS plotter on for two days and found no issues.  

I also redownloaded my Navionics maps and all the markers are now showing up as expected.  Problems solved.  I hope.  Not sure what's up with the E95.  

The weather has been gray and muggy but not hot, the entire time.  When the wind dies, the biting gnats come out with a vengeance, so be prepared.  

We plan to go offshore to St. Simon Sound by leaving at 3 am tomorrow morning.  I performed another fresh water flush on the water maker, filled the water tanks, checked the oil in the generator, and Cathy made some chicken tikki masala for tonight and for one more meal.  Guess we are eating in.  

Overall, the marina is nice.  It is a bit dated, but I think it is about to get some renovation.  The Safe Harbor group just bought them out, so I expect upgrades.  The location is right downtown.  

Beaufort SC slideshow

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