D132: West End to West Palm 3/11/2020

We left West End at 7:30 am without any difficulty.  The wind was out of the east at 8-15 knots, but because it was behind us, we really needed to turn on the motor to get across and to our destination as a reasonable time.  Motor sailing, we made 7.8 knots SOG.  

Eventually, we detected a 2.5 knot current from the Gulf Stream, which gradually picked up to about 3.5 knots.  We did not have any trouble staying on course for Lake Worth Inlet, which we entered around 3 pm.  

Once we entered the Lake Worth area, we headed north to Old Port Cove Marina to visit our new buddy boat friends, Joe and Beverly.  They keep their boat at this marina, so we wanted to see them one last time this year.  We were docked at about 4 pm.  The first night there, we stayed on the boat to recover and clean up.  

The next day, I cleaned the boat and polished stainless.  The salt was everywhere.  Joe and Beverly loaned us a car and Cathy made a shopping run to reprovision for the next leg.  That night we had dinner with Joe and Beverly at a nearby restaurant on the ICW.  We really enjoyed the company and the food. 

This was the last time we ate in a restaurant since the Covid-19 lockdown.  

For some reason, I did not take any photos at the marina or with Joe and Beverly.  I must have been distracted.  

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