D135: Ft. Pierce to Cocoa - 3/14/2020

Once again, I would have rather gone offshore from Ft. Pierce, but the Canaveral Barge Canal was closed for repair.  Typically, we would go into Canaveral Inlet and go into the ICW from there north, so we could avoid the Canaveral Peninsula that pushes your further east and makes for a long haul to the next inlet.  

So, we decided to try the ICW to the Canaveral area.  I hope to avoid that next time.  I really did not enjoy this segment.  I may go for the long trip around Canaveral Peninsula next time.  In the ICW, we saw lots of nice homes and islands, but it was just endless.  We left Ft. Pierce at 7:40 am and passed through the Ft. Pierce bridge by 8 am.  At first, our speed was only about 6 knots, but eventually, the current relaxed and we could make about 8 knots.  Fortunately, it was a nice day with a steady breeze.  I did get some sailing in (without the motor), but those stretches did not last long.  The area around Melbourne was full of boat traffic, so not very nice.  

We anchored south of Cocoa Bridge at 4:15 pm.  We were a short distance from Titusville, but we were ready to stop.    No photos here, but the track is below. 

Track to Cocoa

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