D136: Cocoa to Titusville - 3/15/2020

We pulled up anchor at 8:45 am after I checked to see if Titusville Marina would take us before 3 pm, the normal check-in time.  They said "Come on in.".  It was a short hop and we arrived at 11:15 am and took on some fuel (33.97 gallons).

We moved to our slip at 11:35 am.  Unfortunately they put us on the bulk head which was open to the east.  If they had told me that in advance, I would not have come in.  Fortunately, the wind was more northeast, so it was not a problem.  You would not want to be on this bulk head during a strong east wind.  

The facility was nice, but the basin is very busy with a boat ramp close to the bulk head.  Another reason to avoid that bulk head.  One reason we wanted to get there early was to take advantage of the laundry.  We were overdue.  

While Cathy watched the clothes, I walked down to the Save-A-Lot and picked up groceries.  This was the first place where we really saw the impact of COVID-19.  The marina was cautious and the staff wore gloves, etc.  I wore a mask and gloves to the grocery store.  

We also ran into a couple that was on a boat in Lucaya with us.  I was surprised to see them.  They must have caught up while we spent an extra day in West Palm.  

Quick hop to Titusville

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