D137: Titusville to Ft. Matanzas - 3/16/2020

We headed out through the jetties at Titusville Marina around 8:10 am with an east wind at 5-10 knots.  We seemed join into a procession of several boats heading for the NASA Haul Out Bridge that we all hit about the same time.  The bridge tender here is great.  They time your approach so you don't have to even slow down.  

After clearing that bridge, the ICW turned more northerly and we gained a favorable current.  I was not sure how far we would go today.  I was playing it by ear based on how far we could get.  After cruising along at about 7-8 knots on average, I figure we needed to stop somewhere in Daytona because the next stretch until a decent anchorage was a long way off.  

But, when we arrived in Daytona, all of the anchorages seemed to be full of either derelict or beat-up live-aboard boats.  I dropped the hook in one spot and some guy popped his head out an yelled at us.  I had plenty of room, especially compared to some of the anchorages in Exumas, but I did not want to stay near the jerk.  We moved on.

We made really good time, but we had a long day.  We anchored near  Ft. Matanzas at 7:45 pm, which was definitely past our preferred anchor and relax time.  By the time I cleaned up the cockpit, it was dark.  It is a reasonable anchorage, so would stop here again.   

In the first chart below, you can see our track up the ICW.  In the second chart, I show the spot where we anchored.  Look at the big red dot.  

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