D138: St. Augustine - 3/17/2020

From Ft. Matanzas, we took a short hop up to St. Augustine.  Normally, St. Augustine would be a multi-day stop because it is a nice town to visit.  We skipped it on the way south because we were in a hurry.  I had planned to stop for a few days on the way north, but due to Covid-19, everything was shut down.  We stayed on the boat and did not even attempt to go ashore.  

We anchored on the north side of the Bridge of Lions on the eastern shore of the river.  I tried to squeeze in between a marker and another boat.  It seemed fine, but the currents were affecting us differently which caused our boat to swing close to the other.  I finally decided I should be the gentleman, who arrived last, and move the boat.  I just pulled up the anchor and slid over about 50 feet.  About 30 minutes later, the captain on the boat came over by dinghy and thanked me.   

He said the night before, another boat anchored close and bumped them in the night.  His wife was understandably nervous when we showed up.  I am usually pretty good at estimating how much room I need, but with the different currents between us, I felt that I was a bit too close for comfort.  

The chart shows our track to St. Augustine.

On the approach to St. Augustine, we observed an excessive number of abandoned boats.  I found them somewhat disturbing.  You can see some photos of them below after the more scenic shots from St. Augustine.    

Abandoned or Derelict Boats around St. Aug

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