D140: Fernandina to Sapelo Sound - 3/19/2020

We dropped our mooring line at 0735 and headed out St. Mary's Inlet.  We originally planned to go back into St. Simon's Inlet and anchor either in Frederico River or somewhere near there. We realized that we were making such good time offshore that is would be nice to go further.  

I had pondered Sapelo Sound before but ruled it out, because no one really recommended going in their without local knowledge.  But the timing was right, so I thought I would give it a go.

I read all the discussions from Navionics and Active Captain.  They did mention a few shallow spots, but I was hoping those had been fixed since they were published.  

We reached the Sapelo Sea Buoy at about 3:30 pm so I turned toward #2.  I followed the marks in and even some of the marks that were supposed to be missing were there.  When I got to #6 the shoaling started to appear.  The depths suddenly dropped to 7.5 feet as I turned toward #8.  This was mentioned in the notes, so I shifted west drastically and that seemed to give me plenty of water.  Other than that little fright, the channel seemed fine and matched the charts.  

We reached the target anchorage at 4:35 pm, which was much further in the sound than I had pictured.  Also, it was wide open and not very protected.  Unfortunately, I could not find any other protected anchorages with enough depth anywhere nearby, so we stuck it out.  We were bouncing around at first, but the seas did settle down overnight.   We had a beautiful sunset.  

I would not anchor here again unless it is dead calm.  

In the chart on the right below, you can see the little orange anchor icon where we anchored.

Track and inlet chart

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