D141: Hilton Head - 3/20/2020

We left our anchorage in Sapelo Sound at 7:25 am and the wind was S at 10-15 knots.  The current was flowing out.  This time, we swung wide around #6 and never saw any shallow water.  It took us an hour to get from the anchorage to a point where we could turn north to 45 degrees, even cutting inside of #2.  I don't think I will go in Sapelo again if I am in a hurry.  

As we were sailing along at 7.8 knots SOG (only 6.7 through the water), I noticed the Genoa tack flopping around.  The pin fell out of the tack shackle.  I went forward to deal with the issue and luckily found the pin lying on the deck.  Lucky day for me.  I have wired that shackle tight.  

We made it to the Port Royal sea buoy at 2 pm and into the sound by 3 pm.  Port Royal inlet is another long inlet.  We turned south and made it to Skull Creek Marina by 4 pm.  The marina was very nice, but operating in pandemic mode.  They were very strict about touching anything, payments, and distancing.  Lots of current in the slips, but a nice marina.  

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