D142: To Coosaw River Anchorage - 3/21/2020

I had originally planned to sail outside from Hilton Head to Charleston, but the weather of the next few days did not look very inviting for offshore sailing heading north.  So, I opted to go back inside up the Beaufort River.  

Before leaving Skull Creek Marina, we took an Uber over to Publix to re-provision one more time.  We left the marina around 10:45 am and worked our way back out to Port Royal Sound then turned up the Beaufort River.  We continued passed Beaufort, SC and the Lady's Island Bridge because we had spent several days there on the way south and I assumed everything was closed.  

We ran into some very shallow spots as we went further up the Beaufort River.  I was pushing my luck at a falling tide.  On the way south, I bumped the bottom at Brickyard Point, but on the return trip, I stayed to the east side of the channel and did not have a problem.  

We entered Coosaw River and turned south.  I wanted to anchor as close to Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff as I could without actually going through. (See chart in tomorrow's entry.)   I wanted to be able to time the tides for the next day.  The timing also included several other trouble spots passed the Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff.  

So. we anchored right in the Coosaw River just south and west of Bull Spit near market #189.  In a strong east to southeast wind, this would not be a good place to anchor, but with NE winds projected for the night, it was just fine.  We get beautiful vistas from this location.  

You can see our track below.

Track to Coosaw River

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