D143: Church's Creek - 3/22/2020

One of the reasons we chose to anchor in Coosaw River was to be close to one of the depth trouble spots in the ICW.  I wanted to time our trip so we passed through several trouble spots at the highest water levels.  The Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff is the first spot we run into heading north and it was only about 30 minutes from our location.  We left at 7:05 am and passed through that cut with no problems.  See the second chart below that shows the Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff.  

We entered Fenwick Cut at 8:05 and also did not see any shallow water.  Our timing was good, but not for current.  We did have to fight some currents depending on where we were.  We also passed through Watts Cut without any problems.  The water level was high.  

The Dawho River trouble spot, however, was completely confusing.  As we rounded marks 116 on through to 109, the depths were incredibly shallow more often than not.  The deep water did not relate to the marks.  I suppose I should have checked with Bob423 before passing here, but we did make it through.  

We had been monitoring the weather forecasts and we expected a strong front with strong winds to last for a few days.  I had planned to just anchor in Church's Creek for a couple of days rather than spend time in Charleston.  So, although I could have made it all the way to Charleston, I stopped early at 12:30 pm in Church's Creek, which is between Wadmalaw and John's Island.  Very nice and quiet.  I recommend this anchorage.  We anchored here, but decided to only stay one night.  

Track to Church's Creek

Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff

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