D144-148: Charleston - 3/23-3/26/2020


We spent 4 nights in Charleston, 2 at anchor and 2 in the Charleston Harbor Marina at Mt. Pleasant (Patriot's Point).  We left Church's Creek at 8:45 am and rode the tidal currents quickly up to Elliott Cut by 10:52 am.  We arrived at the Wappoo Bridge at 11 am, but I was informed that they did not open again until 11:30 am.  

We anchored opposite the Safe Harbor Charleston Marina Downtown and the Coast Guard Station.  Once again, due to COVID-19, we did not go anywhere.  We just relaxed and watched the activities on the water.  


We pulled up anchor and moved over to Charleston Harbor Marina at Mt. Pleasant.  With strong NE winds predicted for the night and the next, we wanted to find a secure location.  You can see in the photos below, the we had some wave action just outside the marina.  We were docked directly opposite an old submarine that was schedule to be sunk as an artificial reef.  Lots of creaking noise came from the hull while we were there that made us a bit nervous.  


We stayed another day to ride out the storm.  We did venture out to the grocery again.  Cathy like to take advantage of any opportunity to restock.  This is a nice marina.  Both nights, we ordered food for take-out from the onsite restaurant.   Everything was good. 

The Sailing School will be close for the rest of the year.  I talked to their coach's and they were  pretty bummed about it.  All of the docks were basically empty most of the time, as you can see in the photos below.  


We needed to wait one more day before heading offshore due to the weather, so rather than paying for a third day in the marina, we moved back over to the anchorage.

Track into Charleston

Track from Church's Creek to Charleston

Click on any photo below to see larger images.  

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