D148-149: Charleston to Wrightsville - 3/27-28/2020

The wind was still blowing pretty hard, but it was great wind for Flight Risk, so we start preparing for departure.  We decided to leave around 3 pm, so we would arrived by daylight in the Cape Fear Inlet.  We spent the morning checking the rigging, re-organizing the aft berth so we could nap their, and planning menus.  

By the time we left at 3 pm, the winds in the harbor were only 10-15 knots SW.  We put up all the sails in the harbor and my roller furling main snagged on the way out, but I was able to free it by tacking and furling it back.  Then I let it back out without a hitch.  

We screamed toward the inlet, then noticed a big bank off fog right that the jetties.  I could see a large cargo ship on AIS, but it was not visible.  As we approached the inlet, the ship materialized like a Klingon ship decloaking.  Even knowing it was there, I still skipped a beat.  It was so big.  

In addition, I saw another image right behind it.  I called him, Bahama Spirit, as I entered the inlet and we negotiated passage.  She was a bit smaller, but still worth avoiding.  Once I cleared the jetties, I turned north under sail.  

By 7 pm, the fog finally cleared.  Cathy started her watch at 9 pm and I tried to rest.  When the boat speed dropped below 5 knots at 10:30 pm, we decided to start the motor.  Under power we made 6.5-7 knots.  

I started my watch at 1 am and we reached the Cape Fear channel by 8:45 am.  We still felt awake, so rather than stop in Southport as planned, we continued up the Cape Fear and through Snows Cut, and up to Wrightsville Beach.  We anchored near the Wrightsville Bridge by 12:25 pm.  The total trip took 21 hours and 25 minutes.  

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