D16: Anchoring for a few days in St. Simon

After our nice stay in the marina, we decided to move just out of the marina and anchor.  We did not need the marina services and we were not quite ready to head on over to Jacksonville.  This was a pretty location, so we decided to take a few days here and catch up on "boat things".  

Untitled photo

Anchored near the marina

We spent two days here trying to figure out our next move.  The forecasts were not good for Tuesday night, so we needed to be secure by then.   

We looked at hopping on down to St. Mary's Inlet via the ICW, but the depths and the channel did not look appealing.  We could hop offshore , but none of the marinas or anchorages off of St. Mary's Inlet looked appealing in a storm or otherwise.  The Fernandina Harbor Marina is supposed to be very nice but it has been closed since hurricane Dorian for repairs.  

So we sat at anchor for two days and then planned to go up to Brunswick to ride out the bad weather.  Looks like a window will open up on Thursday to make an offshore run down to St. Johns (Jacksonville Beach).  

With our plan established (although re-discussed multiple times), we started projects and relaxing.  Projects included continued debugging and testing of the GPS Plotter.  I put the smaller GPS slave unit back into server down below after I discovered a network spur connector that was not completely locked down.  Hopefully, that solves the issue.  Everything is working so far.  

While at anchor the first day, we noticed a schooner heading toward us.  I did not catch them under sail but she was pretty anyway.  She was the Lynx.    


Tallship: Privateer Lynx

Untitled photo

Lynx from Portsmoutn, NH

On the first night we had some spectacular sunsets as you can see below.  

The second morning we had to turn on the generator to get some heat.  It was a bit frosty, but warmed up quickly during the day.  

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