D24: Sail from Brunswick to Fernandina 11/18/2019

Due to the high water levels being experienced on the east coast and the reportedly lower bridges in this area, we decided to hop offshore again and go into St. Mary's Inlet.  We would look for an anchorage near Fernandina Beach to wait a few more days before we go to Jacksonville.  

We left Brunswick Landing around 7:45 am.  As we turned toward St. Simon Inlet, we again passed the capsized Golden Ray.  The Coast Guard had just announced that it will take another year before the salvage efforts are completed.  

We turned out St. Simon Inlet past the St. Simon lighthouse.  We were fighting the current as we passed markers 15 and 16, but once we cleared the inlet, the current was favorable. 

Farewell to Golden Ray - The USCG just announced that it would take another year to remove this wreck.

St. Simon Lighthouse

The entrance to St. Mary's Inlet was well marked and easy to enter.  As we turned into the inlet, the waves were on the beam but not really a problems.  Once inside the jetties, everything was calm.  

We passed Fort Clinch and turned left down the Amelia River toward Fernandina Beach.  We turned north into a side branch, Bell's River.  This turned out to be a wonderful anchorage.  Good holding and good protection from most directions.  The view to the north and the sunset were incredible.  

Fernandina Beach is a cute little town.  Unfortunately it is flanked by factories on both sides.  I am sure they provide valuable jobs, but from an aesthetics standpoint, not very nice.  

We stayed here two days because we liked it and we were ahead of schedule.  

Track to St. Mary's Inlet

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