D3: Coinjock to Pungo Creek

We left Coinjock at 7:00 am.  We motored down the canal for about 30 minutes, then started motor-sailing out the North River.  It was rather fun to watch.  As soon as I popped my Genoa and put up my main, about 5 other sailboats did the same.  Eventually, as we approached the Albemarle Sound, we cut off the engines.  Even under sails alone we were screaming by most of the other boats, including trawlers.  We had a nice sail.  

When we turned to cross the Albermarle Sound, we were directly downwind and the waves were beating us around.  So, I dropped the main.  We surfed across the sound with motor and Genoa.  

We timed our arrival at the Alligator River Bridge almost perfectly.  We were the last boat in a group that the bridge tender had batched up.  No wait for us.  

We had originally intended to anchor near Tuckahoe Pt, but it was only about 12:30 pm.  We decided to push on through the Pungo-Allligator Canal.  We decided to extend our progress by continuing onto Pungo Creek to anchor.  We used to anchor there when we had the Tartan 37.  

I had some challenges with my new anchor chain.  I upgraded from 50 of chain to 100 feet, but it kept jamming in the windlass.  I decided that it was either too many twists or bad galvanization.  I am going to give it a few more tries to undo the twists.  if not, I need to get it solved.  We need to be able to anchor on this trip.  

We had  a very pretty night.  We recommend this anchorage.  


Alligator and Pungo Rivers

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