D36: Ft. Pierce to Lake Worth

Cathy woke me up at 4:30 am for some reason, but I resisted until about 5:30 am.  We did not run the generator in the morning because it was not as cold as it has been.  

We departed at 0710 and the anchor chain came up clean with lots of white sand on the anchor.  The holding was good and the ride on anchor was very pleasant.  

This was one of the rare days with no wind.  Once out the inlet, we turned south at 151@ motoring at about 7.2 knots.  Today was a short hop, which was good because the wind shifted to SE and we slowed to 6.5 knots.  

We entered Lake Worth Inlet at 1:45 pm and were anchored near the south mooring field by 2:30 pm.  Lake Worth (West Palm Beach) was very crowded.  When we came in the inlet, we took the first channel to the south and saw hundreds of boats on moorings and on anchor.  It took a while to find an open spot to anchor without going further south in Lake Worth.    We anchored on the west side of the mooring field in 10.8 feet of water at high tide.  

For my taste, this is not a very appealing place, but I probably did not give it a chance.  I think Mara Lago is nearby, so if the president is there, they shut down many of the bridges on the ICW with a limited opening schedule.  Watch out for that.  


Scenes from Lake Worth

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