D37: Lake Worth to Government Cut 12/7/2019


Yes.  We got another early start.  We weighed anchor at 0520 and worked our way through the dark mooring field with me on the bow.  We turned out of Lake Worth Inlet at 0555 heading south about 7 knots.  After about an hour, we noticed that we were fighting a one knot current.  We were slowing down and we had a long way to go.  I bumped up the RPMs a bit but we could not sail.  Even with the bad current, we made it to Port Everglade Inlet by 11:55 am so we made the decision to press on as planned.  

We start playing with distance from shore to see if we could avoid the current.  We noticed a racing boat that came out of Lake Worth behind us and that he was hugging the shoreline and going very fast.   Not sure if it was my imagination or not, but if we hugged the shoreline also , the current was favorable.  In fact, after Port Everglade (Ft. Lauderdale), our speed picked up significantly.  

We entered the very busy and commercial Government Cut at Miami at 1430.  We worked our way west and southward through Fisherman's Channel and cut through the danger zone to an unmarked channel (short cut) across Biscayne Bay to Marine Stadium Anchorage.  

Overall, we had a great trip with blue water and lots of dolphin (the mammal kind).  I did not catch any fish except for another Little Tunny, which I let go.  

Marine Stadium is an interesting place.  It is a very protected anchorage, but it is always busy with lots of boats of all sizes with lots of music speakers of all sizes playing different music or sounds.  

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Photos from Marine Stadium

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