D38: Reprovisioning in Coconut Grove - 12/8/2019

After a nice night with lots of noisy music that played until 6 am, we pulled up anchor in Marine Stadium and took a trip across Biscayne Bay over to Coconut Grove.  We could not find a space in a marina except for Prime Marina.  It was very nice but super expensive.  

I did not take any photos here.  We were preoccupied with provisioning and laundry.  We did eat out for lunch and my stomach was in pain for several days after.  Needless to say, I did not think much of this location.

The very expensive marina did have fuel, but did not offer a laundry or showers.  What a rip off, but the dock hands were very nice.  In fact, one in particular offered to drive us around to the laundry, etc.  I did find a fantastic West Marine that was well supplied.  

Overall, it was a quick stay with not much worth talking about.  

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