D39: Coconut Grove to No Name Harbor

Track from Marine Statium to Coconut Grove to No Name Harbor

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After spending yesterday at Prime Marina in Coconut Grove, provisioning and doing laundry, we escaped the big city and motored over to No Name Harbor.  I was assuming that the place would be  packed.  As we approached, we counted seven boats anchored outside of the harbor, so we really did not expect to find a place.  

But, I had to look.  Turns out we were able to squeeze into a spot on the northern side of the harbor with no problem.  The anchorage offered good protection and good holding.  Once we got settled, I looked over in the water and noticed this orange life form swimming across the pond.  Turns out it was a Green Iguana, which is a nasty invasive species in Florida.  

Next, we put down the dinghy and I tested out our outboard motor for the first time since leaving Virginia Beach.  After a little coughing and spitting, the engine worked fine.  Thanks to Mike Monteith for updating all of its innards.  We bought the outboard in 1997.  

We did a little exploring on land, but did not feel motivated to venture too far on the first day.  We relaxed and spend the entire next day in No Name as well.  Cathy likes to refer to this anchorage as No See-Um Harbor.  She still has the bites to prove it.  

We stayed here two days.  On the second day, Cathy got picked up by a French Canadian, who offered to take her for a ride (to the grocery store).  He had a car. Story of my life.  

Anyway, when he said grocery store, he suggested Publix, which we assumed was on Cay Biscayne.  Instead, he drove her across the bridge and back to Coconut Grove.  I guess I forget how fast cars are vs. boats (sailboats).  The man was very nice and we assume that we will run into him in the Exumas sometime.  He did not think the weather was safe for the crossing yet.  

I included some photos from No Name, which shows the anchorage and how much room you should expect.  Click on any photo below so see a large image.  

Plan for Crossing the Gulf Stream

Our plan for crossing the Gulf Stream to Bimini required that we start early before dark.  All of the weather forecasts showed that we would have a slightly painful opportunity to cross on  Wednesday 12/11/2019.  Painful, because the wind would be on the nose and the waves could get large.  

If we could go straight, we would easily make it to Bimini in daylight, but with the stream current, I was afraid we would get in after dark.  I did not want to go into Bimini channel in the dark.   So, I decided that we would leave in the dark, departing around 6 am.  That was the plan.  

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