D4: Pungo Creek to Beaufort, NC

Picked up the anchor in the dark and the chain behaved well.  I made sure it came up without any twists.  Maybe there is hope.  

I was rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise (see photo) as we headed out into the Pungo River.  

Once again, to stay on pace, we motored sailed most of the day with favorable winds.  We went by Hobucken, out Bay River, up the Neuse to Adams Creek near Oriental, then down through the Newport River to Morehead City Yacht Basin (MCYB).   

We still own a 50 foot slip in MCYB and we know the owner/manager very well.  We spent some time catching up with him as well as filled fuel and water tanks, washed down the deck and ourselves.  We went to Floyd's 1921 for dinner, which was very nice.  

Sunrise on the Pungo River

Tales from 20 years ago

As we sailed through the Bay River heading toward the Pamlico Sound, we passed the marker shown below, which reminded us of our first and only knock down 20 years ago.  At that time, we were sailing up the Bay River in our Tartan 37 "Accipiter".  Cathy was down below and I was at the helm sailing wing and wing.  

I saw some clouds building over my left shoulder to the southeast.  I knew I would need to bring in the sails, but I thought I had time.  The wind came before the rain and it came with a vengeance.  We believe it was a "straight-line" wind.  Either way, before I knew it, the mast was in the water and chaos ensued.  

We bounced back up and the rain came but the wind did not let up.  Cathy climbed out of the cabin and tried to get the main down, but it was wrapped around the spreaders and starting to rip.  She came back and took the helm.  By the time I reached the main, it was shredded.  I pulled it down in shreds.  

We still had wind but no visibility.  We knew the river, so we just tried to stay where we thought the middle should be.  I considered getting an anchor out, but that would not have worked.  So, we just rode it up the river and finally the storm was over.  We had surfed blindly almost to Vandemere.  

Obviously we survived, but our main was gone.  We made it back to our marina safely, but a little more experienced than when we left.  

Bay River - site of first knock down

Our Track

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