D42: Anchored off Bimini - 12/12/2019

We stayed in Bimini for another day, because we had to wait for the right wind to cross the Bahama Banks. Rather than pay for another marina day, we headed out the Bimini channel and anchored on the west side. The photos are taken as we leave Bimini and hang on anchor outside of Bimini.

We left Bimini Big Game Club Marina at 1015 and were anchored off north Bimini by 1100. We anchored very close to shore which worked fine for most of the day. I went snorkeling and the water was great. The anchor was set well with an east wind. Later in the afternoon, we noticed a swell building from the NW. As they grew in size, we started to worry about riding waves onto the beach. So, I pulled up anchor and we moved a little bit further out. Another boat had also anchored near us and closer in. You can see the swell in two photos of that boat below.

As we were re-anchoring, we noticed a big squall coming over Bimini. We got set and closed up. We rode out the storm without a problem. A bit later, I ran the water maker to fill two tanks, which took 1 hour and 20 minutes. I like it.

At 4 pm we finally opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our arrival in the Bahamas. Yesterday was too hectic due to Customs and Immigration and the process of buying and configuring our BTC SIM cards.

Unfortunately, we did not sleep well due to the roll from the waves. We looked for a new anchorage the next day.

(Click on photo below to see larger images)

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