D43: Bimini to Gun Cay - 12/13/2019

After a bad rolling on anchor outside of Bimini, we decided to move south toward Cat Cay. We had a nice wind for sailing south and we took advantage of it. We needed to find an anchorage that was protected from the south and the southwest. I had assumed I would anchor up close behind Cat Cay, so we came from offshore and passed through the cut between Cat Cay and Gun Cay, avoiding rocks as we entered. Once through the cut, we turned south toward Cat Cay and tried to anchor, snuggled behind the hills. Unfortunately, the bottom was thick with grass and I could not get the anchor to dig in.

So, we headed back toward Gun Cay, which was a little more exposed, but still OK. Up close, the bottom was still thick with grass, so we moved out a bit into a patch of sand and dropped the anchor. It set easily, even thought it probably dug in under the grass. We rode out a few storms here, but overall, it was a great anchorage and we slept well until 0440.

We did have company again that night. The boat Baidarka has anchored with us outside of Bimini last night . We have seen that boat off and on during our journey south along the US coast, but we have never talked with them. They also anchored in Gun Cay and left the next morning about an hour after us. They ended up in the same anchorage with us that night, but we have lost track of them now.

Sorry. No photos that day. Not sure what I was doing.

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