D44: Frazier's Hog Cay (12/13/2019)

Once again, we had another long crossing (about 80 nm) ahead of us, so we got up early. We opted to leave in the dark rather than anchor in the dark, so we weighed anchor at 0440 and were heading out over the Great Bahama Bank. The winds were forecasted to be 10-15k out of the SW, which was about perfect. Low tide was at about 0310 and we had to pass through one shallow section near the beginning of our trip. We crossed that section about 2-3 hours past low tide and the lowest depth we saw was seven feet. We need 5'8".

After the shallow section, we really started picking up speed and averaged about 7.5 knots SOG. It was a beautiful day. For a long time, it seemed like we were the only people on the banks, but around 10 am, we started picking up AIS signals from other boats coming from different directions, but all heading for the Northwest Channel.

Eventually, we converged with two French Canadian boats named Kona and Wind Driven. We sailed along together for a while, but they eventually turned off to Chub Cay Marina, while we sailed on to anchor off Frazier's Hog Cay.

Entering the channel to Frazier's Hog Cay was a bit of a nail-biter because the wind and the waves were behind us as we careened into the shallower water. We had shoals on the right and the left and dark splotches in the water everywhere. Fortunately, the dark splotches were grass and we could pass right over them.

We worked our way up the creek and probably went a bit further than necessary, but we did find a sandy spot in the middle of the creek where the holding was good. The anchor was set by 3:30 pm. It was a beautiful anchorage, but did have strong tidal currents.

I cranked up the generator to run the water maker and we filled the two tanks that were low or empty. We had a good night's sleep. I recommend this anchorage but you do need to be sure your anchor is set due to the amount of grass on the bottom. I always back down hard, so we knew we were in good shape.

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