D45-D55: Nassau 12/15 -12/25/2019

This entry covers several days that we stayed in Nassau, including the trip to Nassua from the Berry Islands.

Track into Nassau from the Berry Islands

D45: Sailing to Nassau (12/15/2019)

We slept in this Sunday morning.  I took a few photos of the sun rising on the anchorage.  On preparing to pull up the anchor, I noticed the anchor rode going straight under the boat due to the current opposing the wind.  Fortunately, the weight of the anchor chain kept the rode well under the keel.  We had no problems pulling the anchor up at 0730.  

Looking east from Flight Risk in Frazier's Hog Cay


Cathy took the helm and maneuvered Flight Risk out of the shallow channel, while I stowed the anchor.  As we approached the entrance, I took over the helm and set our course for Nassau.  The wind was blowing out of the northeast at 15 knots, which was perfect for a sail to Nassau.  With Genoa and full main (and no engine), we booked along at about 7.2 knots.  

Originally, I had planned to anchor on the west end of New Providence Island and skip Nassau altogether, but while diving on the boat in Bimini, I noticed that my shaft zinc was almost gone.  This was a problem, because we installed a new one 2 months ago.  The zinc should last longer than that.  I must have some stray current somewhere .  So, I needed to try to find more zincs and also figure out why Flight Risk was chewing through them.  I was hoping to find a good electrician in Nassau to help me diagnose the problem.    So, I had booked a slip at the Nassau Harbor Club.  

We could hear our French Canadian sailors on the radio, so we knew they are on the same track.  Kona and Wind Driven were talking on the radio, so I knew they were near but somewhere behind us.  

When entering Nassau, you need to call Nassau Harbor Control to request permission to enter the harbor.  About a mile out from the entrance at 1210, I called them on channel 16.  After providing the requested information, we were granted permission to enter.     

After passing under two bridges and passing several cruise ships, we were docked at Nassau Harbor Club by 1300.  

Entering Nassau Harbor

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Once we were all settled in, I contacted an electrician who had been recommended to me.  Even though it was Sunday, Laurenzo agreed to come over.  He was very nice and conscientious, but I am not sure he provided any enlightenment.  He stayed about 3 hours, but nothing was resolved.  I decided to start my own diagnosis work the next day.  

D46-52: Nassau (12/15/2019-12/22/2019)

To deal with repairs and to wait for safe weather to travel southeast across the Yellow Banks, we decided to stay in Nassau several days.  Here we have groceries, laundry, marine supplies and more.  Rather than sneak out to a remote anchorage and ride out the storms there, we decided to keep life simple.  

In addition, I discovered another problem while looking at my electrical system.  We have a slow leak in the shaft tube.  I woke up the next morning and decided I really needed to have the boat hauled.  I spent the next morning talking with boat yards and no one could handle us this year.  So, I opted to try something different, which required diver.  

Previously, I met Chris on the dive boat.  He was kind enough to dive on the boat and replace my zinc when we first arrived, but he did not have time to do the repairs on the leak.  I had to contract with a dive shop for the next day.  (I will provide more details of this topic in a separate blog entry).  

Anyway, I know all of the marine supply stores near us in Nassau really well.  Brown's Boat Basin, Lightbourne Marine, and Harbourside Marine.  The first two have been the most helpful.  

In this section, I will post photos from multiple days and inject text where explanation is necessary.  

Nassau Photos (click to see larger images)

While in Nassau, we tried to do some exploring, taking walks, trying new grocery stores, and eating out occasionally.  We had a fantastic lunch at Bone's near the bridge to Paradise Island.  Some photos below.  

I am still waiting for zincs that I ordered from BOATZINCS.COM.  The package is here in Bahamas but hung up in Customs.  No one will say whether they need any information from me.  I think it is just backed up in the Christmas shipping.  We are going to give it a few more days then move on.  I will try to figure out a way to get them forwarded on to George Town.  

Also, I have been working on punch lists.  In addition to epoxying the shaft tube (which did not work) and removing some potential ground leaks from the system, I fixed a wiring issue in the tank monitor, refilled the large propane tank, added a new bilge pump, and freed the overboard discharge ball valve in the forward head.  

We never discharge overboard in the Bay, so I had not opened that ball valve since our trip to Cape May.  I was finally able to get it to move, so to test it, I tried to switch the Y valve and snapped off the handle to the Y-valve.  New project.  

I had to completely dismantle the Y-valve and clean it out (fun).  Lots of calcification build-up.  Anyway, everything is flowing as it should be now.  

More photos

D53: Rainy Day in Nassau (12/23/2019)

We woke up to south winds and heavy rain this morning.  We are still in Nassau, hoping my parts delivery will move through customs.  Unfortunately, I just received a tracking notice from DHL that it is still delayed with a delivery date that cannot be estimated.  

Our current plan is to leave on Christmas morning and head to Norman's Cay.  Before leaving, we have reservations for dinner at a nearby restaurant for Christmas Eve and hope to leave the next morning and be on the hook again for Christmas night.  

I talked with DHL today and they do have an office in George Town Exumas, so tomorrow morning, I will request that they forward the package there.  I may just go ahead and get that in the works today to be safe.  That way, when the package finally clears customs, DHL will take it to George Town rather than here.  We will get there eventually.  

The wind looks reasonable Wednesday, shifting to the NE Wednesday night and Thursday.  From there I hope we can get a mooring in Warderick Wells at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  I would love to spend a few days there exploring.  

Anyway, that is the plan as of Monday.  We will hang out today and see what other projects we can complete while the weather is dreary.  

D54: Christmas Eve in Nassau

We planned on leaving Nassau during a nice weather window on Christmas day, so we spent part of the day preparing to leave.  We did have a nice dinner at the Latitudes Bistro which is part of the marina.  The food was quite good and we splurged a little.  We ordered a few appetizers including octopus and had sushi as the main course.  

My parts order had still not arrived, but we decided not to wait any longer.  We are hoping to reroute the parts to George Town.  The people at DHL claim that is easy to do.  We shall see.  

Merry Christmas to all.             

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