D5: MCYB to Wrightville Beach

We knew we might have a  long day getting to Wrightsville going offshore, so we left MCYB at 6:35 when it was still dark.  As we entered Beaufort Inlet, the sun started rising with some beautiful sights.  The wind was blowing in the right direction but a bit too light.  The current in the inlet was against us but really quite calm.  

I cut across the shoals of the inlet to get a head start.  We set the course for Masonboro Inlet and settled in for the long ride.  At that point I decided to put out a fishing line.  In short order, I landed a good size fish.  I was so excited.  Cathy helped me get it on board.  

We were not positive what is was but it looked like either a King Mackerel or a Bonito.  About 30 minutes later, I hooked something really big, but as it came close to the boat, it dove and the hook popped out.  Not sure what it was, but it might have been tough to haul in.   Sorry, no pictures.  In about an hour, I caught a bigger version of the first one.  After some opinions online (thanks John Wandling and Ryan Hester) and then looking up the suggestions, we determined it was a Little Tunny, also known as False Albacore. Not good for eating.  Too bad.  

We continued to make good time and even saw a nice pod of friendly dolphins.  

We entered the Masonboro Inlet at 3:27 pm and were anchored and secure by 4:40 pm.  

We ate dinner on the boat.  Chicken instead of fish.  


Our Track

Leaving Morehead City

Leaving Morehead City in the early morning hours

Morehead City in the background

Looking back at the Morehead City bridge

Ft Macon Coast Guard Station

Fort Macon Coast Guard

Heading for Beaufort Inlet at sunrise

Untitled photo

Eric heading back to the cockpit from the bow

The False Albacore. Excitement faded.

Little Tunny - not great for eating.  Sorry guy

Dolphins on the Bow

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