D6: Hanging at Wrightsville Beach 10/31/2019

Stayed in Wrightsville an extra day so we could rest up and to hunker down for a forecasted storm.  We slept in a bit (0700) and I made an omelet for us with oninos, Jalapenos, cheese and broccoli.  

Latter I ran the water maker to fill up the tanks.  We made about 30 gallons.  Cathy vacuumed the boat and defrosted the freezer, while I was planning our route to Bald Head and to Charleston.  We have a good weather window for running offshore to Charleston, but it is longer than the amount of daylight we have.  I was evaluating options.  

Overnight the storms hit.  We were anchored in about 17 feet of water due to the crowds in the anchorage, so I slept (dozed) in the cockpit during the storm.  We slid a bit when we switched all the way around, but we held fine.  

Wrightsville Beach anchorage

The Blockade Runner Hotel

Sun setting on the anchorage

An active sailing program in Wrightsville

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