D7: Snows Cut to Bald Head Island 11/1/2019

On Friday, 11/1/2019, we pulled up anchor in Wrightsville, NC around 0905.  The bottom was very black mud.  Kind of strange.  We were tossed around quite a bit over night due to storms and spun all the way around about 340 degrees.  The anchor was buried rather deep.  

We headed out into the ICW with plenty of depth and we encountered favorable currents almost everywhere in the ICW.  Of course, the currents are opposite in the different sides of an inlet, so the inlets give you a boost and take it back.    Snow's Cut was plenty deep and we had a favorable current, so screamed right through.  

Out in the Cape Fear we were fighting the currents but nothing too bad.  We arrived at Bald Head Island at 1320.  The inlet there is always interesting because if there is a strong current in the Cape Fear, you have to head across the current accounting for leeway and suddenly straighten up when you get inside the jetties.  Always fun but not hard.  It is a narrow channel and you have to watch our for the ferries.  

Once we got settled, we rented some bicycles for about 2 hours so we could make a run to the grocery store.  After stowing everything and cleaning up, we headed over to Delphina's for dinner.  Ok, but not great.  

Track to Bald Head

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