D9: Arrived in Charleston 11/3/2019

I took the shift from Cathy at 1:00 am.  Although I did not really sleep much, Cathy hung in there another hour hoping I would sleep.

Eventually, the wind picked up enough that we could not maintain the slow speed, but it worked out anyway.  The last few hours we were making 7-8.5 kts under sail.  I had planned to cut the corner into the inlet, but some dredging work was underway.  After being awake all night, I overcompensated a bit and wasted some time heading back out and then coming back in.  That added another hour to our arrival.  Stupid mistake on my part.  My original plan was fine.  

As we entered the jetties, the Charleston City Marina called and said they had room for us.  We were originally on the wait-list.  They also said we could come on in, so we were docked by 0800.  As we backed into our slip, my GPS started sending out alarms and I lost the GPS signal.  I started picturing my entire stay at Charleston trying to debug the issue.  But, as I went up to the office to pay, I noticed a sign on a large box next to our slip that said "If your GPS stops working, please contact the marina office.".  Well, they could have warned me.  I was docked next to their huge WiFi distribution system.  They assured me that I would experience no permanent damage.  

After getting settled, rested, and clean up, we walked into town and had dinner at Parcel 32 on King St.  Very different, but excellent none-the-less.  

Track to Charleston

As the sun rises

To-Date Track from Norfolk to Charleston

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