D97-101: George Town (2/5 - 2/9/2020)

We returned to George Town (Stocking Island Monument Anchorage) and stayed from 2/5/2020 until departing on 2/9/2020. We had still not retrieved the outboard motor part (power pack) that I had ordered online, so we dinghied over to George Town to get that, do some grocery shopping, explore some boat yards for our son Ryan, and get some gasoline for the dinghy motor.

We reconnected with a few friends at Chat and Chill and I borrowed a hooka (diving apparatus that provides air to a diver) from catamaran Ohana Kai, so I could dive on the boat and clean the bottom. It worked really well. A dolphin watched me the entire time. At first I thought a shark was approaching, but I noticed the distinctive tail movements. I tried to approach it but it kept its distance. Oddly, it would go away every once in a while and then return. Really cool.

On 2/9/2020 we decided to start our slow trip north, stopping at more islands and cays than we did on the way down.

While we were in George Town again, we rented a taxi and toured some boat yards.    As I mentioned above, our son Ryan is looking for a place for his power catamaran that he uses for fishing. He wants to be further south, so we were scouting out possible locations including Master Harbor and Brown's Marine.

Not sure either will meet his needs.  You can see photos below.  

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