Food Provisioning

Chef Cathy in the galley

I was planning meals and provisioning and reorganizing all the storage spots. We discovered a secret cache under the aft berth that could hold lots of wine. I bought every tube sock at the dollar tree and brought rolls of bubble wrap to cushion our wine. Priorities! Wine is very expensive in the Bahamas as is all the food, especially meat. So take as much meat as you can fit in your freezer. We actually brought wine home, but to be fair we did make some purchases along the way when the price was right. We brought "unground" coffee beans home as well. I did not want Eric to run out of “good” coffee.

At the last minute, I panicked and bought some canned veggies I would never eat at home “just in case.” If you won’t eat it at home, don’t bring it with you. Your recipe collection should reflect the same philosophy. I fantasized that I would be buying local ingredients and making exotic island meals. For the most part, any island meals we ate were from local restaurants and not from my galley.

I did take my pressure cooker which made it possible to cook an entire chicken dinner in 9 minutes thus saving much propane when using our 3 burner stove. We left Nassau heading to the Exumas with 2 full propane tanks. When we got home, we were just finishing off the first one. We have a Magma grill that uses small propane tanks that we also used when weather and conditions permitted. We took about 12 cans of the small tanks and came home with some of them as well.

Plan menus and take enough ingredients so you can make them. If you’ve already used that can of tomatoes, don’t expect it to be there when you make another recipe that calls for them. Use a spreadsheet to get a count of what you’ll need and have a plan for where everything will be stored. Try to put things back where you got them.

Food is very expensive, and meat is almost non-existent. Fresh produce is often hard to come by. You learn when the supply boat gets to different islands so you can be there to share in the bounty. If you plan to eat fresh fish, get very good at catching edible fish. You can spear fish just not with spear guns. Fish are not easy to catch unless you are an avid fisherman. Paper towels and toilet paper are also hard to find, so stock up. 

Boat-baked Bread

Making bread
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