For any sailing voyage, especially those that take you offshore or into treacherous waters, you need to prepare the boat, your equipment, yourselves, and a plan.  The plan covers many topics including:

- how or what you are going to eat

- how you get water and fuel

- where you go, when you go, and under what circumstances

- what safety equipment you need

- what spare parts you need

- what navigation tools you will rely on 

- what to do if something happens to the boat or you

Lots more. 

Some of our preparations started so long ago that we may have forgotten that we did it, but we try to give you a sense of our planning below.  Note that we took a major trip to Maine about 4 years ago, so already had many of the offshore equipment we needed.  

Anyway, we will try to document our planning below and continue to add topics as we remember them.  

Preparation Topics

Click on the topic of interest to see more details on the planning or preparation step.  Many of the links are not live yet.  Sorry.  I will update as I build the pages.  


Navigation and Destination Planning

Equipment - Upgrades and Additions (site under construction)

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