Sailing - Following Flight Risk

With Eric and Cathy Brinsfield - Flight Risk is our sailing vessel, a Beneteau 473.  The discussion and links below relate to Flight Risk and our journeys about her.  

Latest update

I am behind on my entries here, but we have been busy sailing around the Chesapeake Bay.  Hope to update soon and add more photos.

Recent Update

We returned from the Bahamas on Sunday, April 5, 2020, well into the Coronavirus lock-down.  After racing home to be with our family and get haircuts, we have accomplished neither yet. (Although we have seen our family at a safe distance.)   We have settled in (somewhat) because we are already accustomed to social distancing.  We miss the Bahamas but are happy to have the comforts of home, especially high-speed internet.  

On April 16, we hauled Flight Risk out of the water to clean her up and add some bottom paint.  I also needed to deal with a persistent shaft tube leak that has bugged me for 5 years.  I believe it is fixed, thanks to the ingenuity of John Cobb, Mike Cobb and David Duval at Cobb's Marina.  

I am reorganizing my photo journal site now, so you may find a few links that do not work.  I hope to clear that up soon.   See the link below.  

Links to Flight Risk Activities

For any new Flight Risk journals, I will add to the links below.  You will also find our full photo journal from our trip to Exuma, Bahamas.  Click on any to view.  

Regular Cruises and Activities

Major Cruises and Projects

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